studiozONE, initially founded by Julie Kim and Paul Matelic at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1994, functioned as an architectural practice based in Detroit, Michigan.

In 2000, Julie founded construcTWO, LLC, a woman-owned business, focusing her efforts on this newer endeavor. With offices in Detroit, Michigan and Washington, DC, she continues her commitment to thoughtful and complete design solutions in offering professional architectural services. Please visit to see more information on this critical architectural practice.

John Biggar, partner in studiozONE since 1995, continues to offer professional architectural services as studiozONE/Biggar and Associates.

current/past studizONE projects:

Research Lofts
Huntington Woods Community Center
Harmonie Club Building Renovation
Library Lofts
Fred Barton Mechanical and Plumbing Headquarters
New Prospect Church Administrative Offices
laLonde residence
Hillwood House
Lafer Building
New Amsterdam Loft Study
18-20 Nextel Switching Stations
Park Bar and Grill

studiozONE, LLC
277 Gratiot Avenue, Suite 500
Detroit, Michigan 48226